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25 Jul, 2017
Letters to the Editor: The case for a second referendum
Since George Osborne became editor, the Evening Standard has become a must-read for its clear analysis of the harm of...
16 Jul, 2017
National Chairman addresses London4Europe meeting
On 26 June 2017, European Movement National Chairman and former Cabinet Minister Stephen Dorrell, addressed a packed meeting of more...
Business startups: London under threat from Paris and others
16 Jul, 2017
Paris is now equipped to attract more innovative companies and dominate Europe’s startup scene...
The EU Withdrawal Bill – no longer so “Great”
16 Jul, 2017
Theresa May used to call it the “Great Repeal Bill”. But since the election...
Capital gains tax and bendy bananas
16 Jul, 2017
Michael Romberg, London4Europe Committee member and retired senior civil servant, looks at bendy bananas...
The best way to end austerity is to stay in the EU
16 Jul, 2017
Labour is committed to ending the 1% cap on pay rises for public sector...
Imagine No Brexit
27 Jun, 2017
At the 26 June event with our national chairman, London4Europe chairman, Nick Hopkinson, gave...
The rules of state
20 Jun, 2017
As I write this piece, negotiations between the UK and EU on the former’s...
The Brexit General Election manifestos: Is this it?
06 Jun, 2017
The manifestos of the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP set out radically different visions for Brexit...
EU Successes: The Single Market
28 May, 2017
May wants to sacrifice future British prosperity for a vague commitment to slash EU...