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What can I do?

Lots! It's your actions that will make the difference.

London4Europe is an all-party and non-party organisation; we do not concern ourselves with party politics apart from UK/ EU relations. We publish regular updates in newsletters.

Become a member of the European Movement (subscription). With EM, you automatically become a member of London4Europe and of your local EM branch.

Here are suggestions for what you can do to help to ensure that the UK rejoins the EU as soon as possible:

Be involved with your local branch of the European Movement (EM) or other local campaigning body. You can join in with organisations near where you live or where you work. Made up of friendly positive people like you, they organise street stalls, leafleting, events and other actions that you can join in. Find your local campaign organisation here in our listing set out by borough. Look out for our regular actions and events e-mail.

Young people can join the Young European Movement (YEM) (under 35s).

We are always looking for new voices to write blogs on London4Europe. Have a look at what we publish – the material is intended to provide arguments and materials for campaigners. Please send your blogs for consideration to [email protected].

Follow our L4E Events Page for upcoming webinars, meetings or events.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @London4Europe and on Facebook - the London4Europe Group.


Volunteer to do more at London4Europe – sign up here.