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What can I do?

Lots! It's your actions that will make the difference.

Here are suggestions for what you can do to help to ensure that the UK stays in the EU:

Be involved with your local branch of the European Movement or other local campaigning body. You can join in with organisations near where you live or where you work. Made up of friendly positive people like you, they organise street stalls, leafleting, events and other actions that you can join in. Find your local campaign organisation here in our listing set out by borough. Look out for our weekly actions and events e-mail.

Sign up with the People's Vote campaign which is the national campaign that calls for a referendum on the terms of Brexit with the option to Remain. They are supported by a range of national campaign bodies, including the European Movement. They regularly organise rallies and marches. They publicise smaller actions by grassroots bodies. They seek volunteers and donations. You can find the relevant information on their website.

Get stuck in with a sectoral organisation campaigning to Remain. There are several for people who work in an occupation or who are interested in the subject. For example: Scientists for EU, NHS for a People's Vote (formerly Healthier in the EU, then NHS against Brexit - for NHS workers and supporters), psychologists for Europe (open to all related professions including psychotherapists) and Lawyers against Brexit. Several trades unions have come out for a People's Vote including the GMB, Prospect and TSSA; you can be active in your union to promote or change policy. There are also sectional campaigns, including Ethnic Minorities for a Peoples' Vote, Women for a People's VoteWomen for Europe and LGBT+ for a People's Vote

Young people can join the Young European Movement (under35), For our Future's SakeOur Future Our Choice and Inspire EU

Write to your MP – call for the UK to Remain in the EU and for a People’s Vote (referendum on the terms with the option to Remain) to achieve that. We have a model letter to get you started.  The more personal you can make the letter the better.  Better still, go see your MP - a face-to-face meeting will have much more impact. Background information about your MP, constituency and borough is here.

London4Europe is an all-party and non-party organisation; we do not concern ourselves with party politics apart from Brexit/ EU relations. If your politics are aligned with a political party that is not backing Remain then you can join groups that are seeking to change party policy, including Remain Labour, Labour for a Public Vote (formerly Labour for a People's Vote), Labour Movement for Europe, Another Europe is PossibleConservative Group for Europe (and their youth (U30) wing Young Conservative Group for Europe), Citizens for Britain/ Tories against Brexit and Conservatives for a Peoples Vote. If your politics align with political parties that back Remain and the People's Vote, in England the main ones to join would be the Liberal Democrat and Green parties and the Independent Group for Change.  

Write to your local councillor. Some but not all boroughs have passed motions calling for a People's Vote. If yours has not, then do please urge them to do so. If they have come out for a PV, then urge them to campaign for Remain. Councillors are often active in their parties so they are good people to persuade or support. We publish regular updates in newsletters so you can see what the position is in your borough.

Write to the press – especially the local press (whether on paper or online only) which is an underused resource. Make the cases for Remain and for a People’s Vote. See what the Brexiters are saying, do the research, write in with a rebuttal. Write original letters to present your argument. Blogs on the L4E website will give you ideas, links and material.

Telephone in to radio shows, join the audience in the TV studio.  If you think that there are too many Brexiters calling in, then you can change the balance. 

Get active on social media. It is not so much dedicated Leave and Remain forums that are useful, because people there are committed to their views. But if you can slip in the case for Remain/ referendum in fora where people are not really focussed on Brexit you can reach the uninterested voter – the person who decides elections and whom we really need to find. It is also worth following Remain-/ Referendum- supporting MPs and actively defending them against their critics.

We are always looking for new voices to write blogs on London4Europe. Have a look at what we publish – the material is intended to provide arguments and materials for campaigners. Please send your blogs for consideration to [email protected]

'Phone your Gran or anyone you know who is a Leave voter - anywhere in the country. Try and have those difficult conversations and see whether you can bring them round. More than anything else it is face-to-face conversations with people whom the voter knows or who are similar to the voter ("people like me") that are key to converting people. If you are feeling apprehensive then our series of two-page Campaigners' Briefs will help you start. To go deeper, you can dive into our two indexed lists of blogs for Remain and for a referendum.

Sign up for updates from us (no cost). On the L4E home page there is a box - please leave your postcode so that we can send you messages targeted for your borough or constituency. We typically send out three e-mails a week including an overview of new blogs on various websites and a round-up of actions and events you can take part in. You can also follow us on Twitter: @London4Europe and on Facebook - the London4Europe Group.

Become a member of the European Movement (subscription). You would then automatically be a member of London4Europe and of your local EM branch. If you are under 35 you would also be a member of the Young European Movement. Make sure you leave your London postcode so that you receive our mailings. At present, subscription expiry reminders are not routinely sent out so please make a note in your diary to renew your subscription. If it has run out you can renew here

Volunteer to do more at London4Europe – sign up here.

Recruit your friends and people you meet campaigning to become paid-up members of the European Movement or subscribers of London4Europe (no charge; sign-up box on the home page - we are also on Twitter; sign-up sheets you can buy or print out here); encourage them also to make contact with their local branch; and to check out this page for ideas on what to do. 

Donate – Oh yes, it all costs money – link is here.