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About us

EMUK-Logo2014_(1).pngLondon4Europe is the London section of the European Movement in the UK.

We campaign

London4Europe (L4E) is committed to the UK rejoining the EU. Our belief is that there is no deal better for our country than full EU membership.

We want to build popular, ground-based support for taking on the necessary challenge of returning the UK to the European Union.

We draw our strength from our members, supporters and volunteers.

About us

We are an all-party/ non-party organisation. We welcome members whatever party you belong to and members who belong to no political party. 

We work closely with the national European Movement - the UK’s oldest pro-European group, the Young European Movement (under 35s) and with Borough-level EM branches.

The European Movement UK is a member of the European Movement International which links an international pro-European network, active in more than 40 countries.

We are self-funding and offer small grants to support local London Groups.

L4E comprises one-fifth of the total EM membership and has an ever-increasing supporter database circulation of over 32,000.

A bit of history

Under its previous name, Central London for Europe, our group was mainly a small cultural and educational organisation. That was until the EU Referendum hove into sight. At that point, members became engaged in campaigning to Remain, marching for a People's Vote and reaching out to Londoners, young and old, of different ethnic groups. 

It changed its name to London4Europe and was given its own Nationbuilder database by the re-energising European Movement (EM). Contemporaneously, local London groups started to form and establish their own activities around street stalls, Eurocafés, leafleting, lobbying, writing to MPs, picnics, seminars. You name it and they tried it. 

With its database and well-run Committee and Constitution, L4E took on the role of London focal hub, a resource-umbrella. Local groups continued to do their own thing and L4E started to make itself ready, as a regional centre, for the challenge ahead to get us back into Europe. Membership of a EM meant automatic membership of L4E and a local group. L4E nurtures Blogs, newsletters and joint events with local or other regional groups.

We believe we have been quite successful at this. We now form the very necessary bridge between the EM National Council, EM HQ, the local groups and direct outreach to London members and supporters.

As a networker, L4E is an active partner in kindred pro-European organisations: Grassroots for Europe; UKPEN; the National Rejoin March; Our Star Project.