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Brexit World
29 Jan, 2019
Addressing skills shortages critical to the future of UK science
The UK must plug science skills gaps to maintain its world-leading position for medicines and vaccines research and development.
21 Jan, 2019
No Brexit the preferred outcome for pharma
Following the overwhelming vote in Parliament on 15 January 2019 defeating Theresa May’s Brexit deal, No Brexit is the preferred...
Wealthy Europeans call in movers as Brexit cliff edge looms
21 Jan, 2019
According to a report in the Luxembourg Times, with the Brexit deadline less than...
Brexit and Cyber threats biggest risks to UK businesses in 2019
21 Jan, 2019
Cyber threats and changes in legislation and regulation, including concerns around Brexit are considered...
PVC additives - a REACH success story?
16 Dec, 2018
The EU REACH regulation aims to improve human health and environment. Andy Pye looks...
On the Horns of a Dilemma
23 Nov, 2018
Referendums can be divisive and split communities, as we know to our cost. As...
Border controls: criminal gangs rub hands, as businesses express alarm
24 Oct, 2018
Britain will "pay the price" of a no-deal Brexit because complicated new border controls...
Getting China’s production fit for Industry 4.0
24 Oct, 2018
How a German company is readying Chinese industry for Industry 4.0, while the UK...
Britain isn’t just losing Brexit, Europe Is winning it
24 Oct, 2018
Stephen Paduano (for notes that it is not just that UK manufacturing and...
The Plight of the Bumblebee
23 Oct, 2018
The recent decline in plant and crop pollination represents a threat to ecosystems and...