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23 Oct, 2017
Heavy Brexit Turbulence Ahead
The current consensus amongst leading commentators is for extreme outcomes from the Brexit negotiations: either we crash out with no...
21 Oct, 2017
Letter from Tuscany
A regular contributor now based in Tuscany has posted us this interesting view on Brexit from the perspective from a...
To stay in the EU, do we have to accept the 2016 referendum result as valid?
21 Oct, 2017
Leave voters stop listening when Remain campaigners complain about the conduct of the 2016...
CrossRail – what will happen if Brexit goes ahead?
08 Aug, 2017
Crossrail is London’s $20 billion high-speed train line, which plans to start taking passengers...
Professor Stephen Haseler 9/1/1942 – 20/7/2017
06 Aug, 2017
We are deeply saddened to inform you of the death of Professor Stephen Haseler,...
We Need Statesmanship
26 Jul, 2017
Britain has stumbled into negotiating its future relationship with Europe without a clear vision...
Why Leave? A Call to Leavers AND Remainers
25 Jul, 2017
Monica Threlfall, vice chairman, London4Europe, argues that Remainers must become more prominent in their...
Letters to the Editor: The case for a second referendum
25 Jul, 2017
Since George Osborne became editor, the Evening Standard has become a must-read for its...
National Chairman addresses London4Europe meeting
16 Jul, 2017
On 26 June 2017, European Movement National Chairman and former Cabinet Minister Stephen Dorrell,...
Business startups: London under threat from Paris and others
16 Jul, 2017
Paris is now equipped to attract more innovative companies and dominate Europe’s startup scene...