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Parliamentary arithmetic points to People's Vote
19 Sep, 2018

Letter in the Evening Standard

On 17 September 2018 the Evening Standard published a leader showing that the numbers are not there in Parliament for the Chequers deal. (The Standard in an editorial on 4 September had restated its preference for staying in the Single Market and Customs Union (Norway/ EEA +) as the least damaging Brexit option.) On 19 September, under their title The only option left to Parliament is a second EU referendum, the Standard published an edited version of a letter from London4Europe Committee member Michael Romberg. The text as published reads:


I agree with your leader [The Chequers plan just doesn't add up with MPs - 17 September 2018] that there is no Parliamentary majority for the Chequers plan.  Past votes against single-market membership have shown there is no majority for the EEA/ Norway option, and Conservatives will not vote for a general election. Whatever one thinks of the merits of the Norway idea,  only a referendum on the terms with the choice to Remain - now supported by Mayor Sadiq Khan - could hope to command a majority in Parliament. The sooner the better.




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