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Chair calls for referendum on the terms
11 Dec, 2017

Please write to your MP

In parallel to the 11 December protest outside Parliament L4E Chair Nick Hopkinson wrote to leading MPs. Please also write to  your MP and other prominent MPs.

It was good to see so many London4Europe members defying snow and rain on Monday 11 December – it showed real hardiness. We joined the cheerful noisy Remain protest outside Parliament. An open top bus with Remainers made the rounds (#backBritainnotBrexit) and a BBC film crew was there taking photographs.

Monday was the day when Parliament debated the petition calling for a referendum on the terms. Over 135,000 had signed the call.

That Westminster Hall debate did not lead to a vote and will not directly result in action. However, there are amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill currently going through Parliament that would provide for a referendum on the terms. The debate is scheduled for 20 December.

Please write to your MP

If you have not already done so, I would urge you now to write to your MP, any other MP or peer you wish to influence, and the Mayor of London. Call on them to back the amendments for a referendum on the terms.

You can also use as models the letters which I sent today to Keir Starmer, Dominic Grieve and Tom Brake.

You can find the address of your (or any) MP on the Parliament website.

Background information

You can read the John Curtice article which is referred to in one of the letters here; and the Survation poll about support for a referendum on the terms here.

Our post setting out the case for the referendum in summary form is on the website. 

A Leaflet to Download

If you are out leafleting in the next few days you may find useful the leaflet we handed out at the demonstration outside Parliament. You can download it here.  It is a simple call on people to write to their MP, with a model letter. It can be printed on a domestic printer on two sides of A4. Feel free to edit it to make it more suited to local conditions


By Nick Hopkinson