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Chair writes to Tom Brake MP
11 Dec, 2017

A "thank you" for championing Remain.

On 11 December, the day when Parliament debated the petition calling for a referendum on the terms of Brexit, Nick Hopkinson, L4E Chair, wrote to Tom Brake MP the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Foreign Affairs to thank him for his steadfast championing of Remain and the referendum on the terms. 


Rt Hon Tom Brake, MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

By e-mail: [email protected]


Dear Tom,


I am writing to thank you, on behalf of London4Europe, for your continued clear presentation of the case for the UK to Remain in the EU, and for seeking a referendum on the terms as the open and democratic way of giving the country the final say.

Although opinion on the merits of Brexit is little changed, the opinion polls show rising support for a referendum on the terms – now at 50%. In due course those who have argued consistently for it should be recognised by the electorate for their far-sightedness.

Moreover, the Liberal Democrats have consistently sought to put forward policy proposals that would address many of the real practical concerns that drove people to vote Leave. Proportional representation would really allow people to ‘take back control’. More investment in early years and adult education would equip people better to meet the challenges of globalisation and technological change.

I hope therefore that you will succeed in obtaining cross-party support for the amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill to provide for a referendum on the terms. London4Europe is writing to Conservative and Labour MPs and to the Mayor of London in support.

Yours sincerely



Nick Hopkinson


London4Europe is the London section of the non-party European Movement UK