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The Youngsters are Coming!
28 Jul, 2021

You may not be surprised to learn that our European Movement has more paid-up members over 90 than under 20! Jo Pye has attended many pro-European meetings where the activists are of “a certain age” and she and her peers have bemoaned the absence of youngsters.

“Where are they?” we wail. “Are they not interested in their futures?”, we query.

The good news is that they are arriving and they do care about their futures. Now it is our chance to welcome them and assist them. They are to be found in the Young European Movement (YEM).

YEM is having to rebuild itself from zero. Its traditional base used to come from the Universities with Freshers’ Fayres, its fertile base for publicity and renewal. Active through the days of The People’s Vote, the General Election December 2019 put a dent in their activity. Lockdown since March 2020, put paid to finding any young people anywhere in any great numbers!

So, this is where London4Euorpe (and the wider EM) comes in. YEM have two calls-to-action:

  • Circulate the news that YEM exists to all the young people you know. YEM is aiming to recruit beyond the Universities. The next generations deserve better than Brexit and are gearing up to reverse it! Speak to your own young people. Encourage them to join up.
  • Do you work within or have direct contacts with any educational or civic establishments where YEM could promote itself? Please contact Eoin Burgin, and start the conversation flowing.

YEM currently has a small, dedicated and wonderfully energetic team. The more members it recruits, the more its reach and influence.

Despite its infancy, YEM’s activity in these last seven months has been breath-taking and reveals its potential for an effective future in its own right and alongside existing kindred organisations.

It has been warmly welcomed into Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes (JEF). It has been offered three seats on EM’s own National Executive Council and has a permanent invitation to your own London4Europe’s Committee Meetings - plus its own Agenda Item!! It is also a regular participant in the pro-European “Round Table” and is part of the burgeoning ERASMUS+Alliance.

Were that not enough, within the last couple of months, YEM has already put together five Brexit Reality Portraits, illustrating the impact of Brexit on individuals. There are more to come, covering a wider spectrum (including Leave supporters).

Here are the links to the first five:

The YEM team would also appreciate if you could share its publications on social media: 

YEM members have got youth. They have got commitment and staying power. They are fighting for their futures. Come on, The Not-So-Young, let us all give them all the help we can. We know what they are missing and we know it makes sense for all our sakes!

To YEM with our best wishes and, why not, with our money, too.

Jo Pye, London Branches Representative
L4E Committee

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