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Sign-up sheets
02 Apr, 2019

Flyers to buy or print

If you have the opportunity to sign up new members (£) or supporters (free) please do so. The more people we can reach the more we can mobilise for actions and events.

The European Movement is national - so people from anywhere are welcome. There is a map on the EM website where people can find their local organisations.

London4Europe is all-London. We disseminate information about local actions to all members, so we reach a wider audience. That means that people from outside your group's area know about and can support actions by your group.



The European Movement Shop has a professionally printed sign-up sheet that you can buy.

We have produced a simple flyer for the EM and London4Europe which you can print locally and hand out.

We have also produced a Word document flyer which has contact and basic information about the EM and London4Europe and a space where you can add the name and web or other addresses of your local organisation so that people have something to take away after talking with you. Or if you have a double-sided printer at home you can use the whole of the other side for your local campaign group details or messages.


Sign-Up Sheet for signatures

Or you can collect signatures and ask people to tick the box and consent to receiving e-mails. This version from People's Vote has two sign-up columns one for PV and the other for EM UK and local affiliates. Once you have recorded the information for the EM you can pass it to PV.