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"Respect the result!"
24 Nov, 2018

No plan - no mandate

Leavers argue that Remainers don’t respect democracy. We argue Leavers never had an agreed Plan and the Government doesn’t have a mandate to conclude the Brexit deal.

London4Europe Committee member Michael Romberg sets out some ways to bring that message home with a series of analogies which invalidate various Leave arguments that the vote has taken place and the ‘will of the people’ must be respected.

Please send in your examples of what has worked on the street and elsewhere and we will publish a second collection.


Picnic in the rain

Last night, my girlfriend and l decided to have a picnic today.

Today it is raining.

Farage says we must have the picnic – the will of the couple must be respected. Our only choice is umbrella or anorak.

Instead we went to a museum.


A trip to the cinema

A group of us decided to go together to see a film and to decide which one when we got to the cinema. We found that there was no one film that most of us wanted to see. So a majority now want to go out together for a meal in a restaurant.

Theresa May would tell us that we had to see a film, as that decision had already been taken.

If we followed her advice most of us would be unhappy and we might split up into separate groups.


Buying a house

You find your dream house – hurrah.

You have it surveyed and send the papers to a solicitor.

The surveyor finds the foundations sinking, dry rot in the attic. Your solicitor tells you the title deeds are full of gaps and unexpected obligations.

You would change your mind.

We have had over two years of news on Brexit. Nothing has turned out easy or as promised. It’s all been bad news. With those surveyors’ and lawyers’ reports, do we still have to go ahead?


Medical tests and informed consent

You feel ill and go to the doctor. The GP says you need an operation. You accept the advice.

The GP sends you to a consultant. This more expert doctor talks about the risks and benefits of the operation. S/he reckons it will do more harm than good.

In light of this new information, wouldn’t you wish to change your mind?


Moving home 2

I decide to move home because where I have is too small, too noisy.

I look at other properties.

It turns out there is nothing that is better (location, size, price) than what I have – certainly not after factoring in the costs of moving.

If the Leavers’ approach was right I would have to move anyway: Leave means Leave. In real life, I abandon the idea.


Trades union negotiations

A trade union leader calls a ballot and members vote to strike.

S/he negotiates a possible deal.

That is put back to the members to vote on. 


Which bit of “Leave” do you not understand?

All of it, actually.

Does it mean Norway/ EEA? Or no-deal? Or massive deregulation? Or socialism in one state? Or Canada/ FTA? Or Gove’s Albanian model? Or more £ for NHS? Or protectionism from Globalisation? Or no to immigrants? Or Global Britain open to the world?

What exactly is the problem that Brexit is trying to solve?


Car means Car

Boris: It will be a Lamborghini

Gove: It could be a Bentley

Farage: It will definitely be a Cadillac

May: Car means car

Corbyn: I will deliver Mercedes for the many not for the few

Reality: it’s a Lada

Do I have to hand over a cheque?



I decided to go to Milan. Looked at flights & hotels. Too expensive.

Leavers would say I had to go anyway. My only choice was how to go: bust my budget or stay in a dump.

In reality? I went somewhere cheaper


Seriously now…

The argument for a referendum on the terms with the option to Remain (a people’s vote) is simple: 2016 was a vote on an idea; no-one takes a project from idea to implementation without a review of the project plan when costs and benefits, risks and opportunities are known. Not going ahead with the project is always an option.

There is no-one better to review the plan than the people who approved exploring the idea.

Nor does 2016 mean that we have to Leave, with only the “how” up for debate. In project management, decision in principle just means you go on to the next stage, and consider whether the plan is viable.





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