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Last Minute Appeal to MPs
18 Oct, 2019

With the crucial vote coming up tomorrow (Sat 19 October), London4Europe Vice Chair, Nick Hopkinson, has made a last minute appeal to his MP. We request you urgently write to your MP, and hope some of the below wording is of use.

18 October 2019

Dear [insert name of MP] (see contact details here)

Boris Johnson's deal is far worse for our country than even Theresa May’s miserable deal. Any vote to support the deal on 19 October would be a vote for the loss of yet more jobs, economic growth and national influence. 

Any new markets gained from new (yet to be concluded) trade deals will be outweighed by the far greater loss of export markets in the EU and countries with which it already has trade agreements such as Canada and Japan. As one distinguished former diplomat said, it's like trading a three course lunch for the promise of a packet of crisps. 

Boris Johnson's deal only delays a No Deal Brexit by just over a year.  Both outcomes are a million miles away from what was promised to the people in the 2016 referendum. Nobody voted for jobs to go, our children to have less opportunities, for families to have to pay more for food, and to endure poorer public services. The British people should be given a final say to confirm whether this is what they want. 

Voting for the Brexit deal will only prolong the Brexit uncertainty. The way to end the uncertainty is to stop the source of the problem: Brexit itself. It would be far better to resolve Brexit once and for all through a confirmatory People's Vote giving a choice between two concrete options:  the Government's sub-optimal deal and the current best deal we have (staying in the EU). 

I hope you can ultimately support this compromise which honours your commitments to your constituents and to our country. 

Yours sincerely,

[Your name


Telephone number]


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