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There's more to life than waiting at Gatwick Airport
13 Jul, 2019

We need a Remain campaign as well as a referendum campaign

London4Europe Committee member Michael Romberg had a letter published in the New European 11-17 July 2019. Complementary blogs are: we need two campaigns and a march is not a campaign.


We have been seeking continued EU membership by campaigning only for a referendum. It's like trying to persuade someone to go on holiday with you by going on about spending hours in the departure lounge in Gatwick.
We need two campaigns: a Remain campaign to spread the positive hopeful message about the EU and the UK's membership; and a campaign for a referendum to obtain that. An aim and a means.
March for Change on 20 July should mark the start of the Remain campaign.
No doubt there were differences in the Remain movement in the run-up to the formation of March for Change and that colours some attitudes towards it. Whatever. It now exists. We must all back it and make it work. If any part of our movement fails it is only Brexiters who gain.
The letter that I sent also had a last paragraph that was not published:
To make a success of March for Change requires transparent governance in which all parts of the Remain movement come together and ensure a supportive relationship between the two overarching campaigns, all the various national bodies, and the grassroots. We preach co-operative relationships; we need to practise them too.



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