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The Mayor should speak for London
04 Sep, 2018

Evening Standard publishes letter from Vice Chair of L4E

London4Europe Committee Member Michael Romberg writes:

On 4 September 2018, the Evening Standard published a shortened version of a letter from Nick Hopkinson calling on readers to write to London Assembly members to urge them to back the resolution for a people’s vote.

The editor gave it the headline: “It’s high time the Mayor spoke for Londoners over Brexit”.

The text of the letter has been published on the ES website (click here and scroll down) and is reproduced below as printed:

On Thursday the London Assembly will debate a motion calling on the Mayor actively to support a people’s vote on the terms of Brexit.

The Government’s Brexit strategy will not deliver the promises of the Leave campaign. Nor would Jeremy Corbyn’s. No real-world Brexit could. Brexit would make us an inward-looking country, resistant to diversity, poorer, erecting barriers against our neighbours and having worse relations with them as a result. Brexit is the opposite of London’s values. We should stop it – and we can.

The same people who decided to start the process should decide whether to adopt the Government’s Brexit plan or to remain in the European Union.

I urge every Londoner to contact their Assembly member to support the motion calling for a referendum; and to call on Sadiq Khan to speak for London.