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Ten best blogs of 2018
27 Dec, 2018

The Chair’s pick

London4Europe Chair Richard Newcombe writes: it was quite a struggle to go through the 160+ blogs that we published over the year and select just ten. Here is my list – I chose them mainly because they would be worth reading again now. So I invite you to click through to the links and read them now or save them to your reading list.

London4Europe welcomes blogs from a range of voices on a pro-Remain theme. Please send in your draft blogs for consideration to: [email protected].


Why EU membership matters

David Quinn reminds us of what the point of it all is in his article The EU – a union for peace.

By promoting international co-operation, EU membership enables us to obtain better results than we could on our own. Our correspondent who writes under the name Future of Our Children sets that out with the example of food safety.

George Stevenson addresses one of the key themes from 2016 which still resonates with voters: what will be best for the NHS?



Our President, Catherine West MP, gave her inaugural address on the rousing theme: Brexit can and must be stopped.

Helen Rennie-Smith, Chair of the Wandsworth and Merton Branch, gave effective campaigning tips from her own experience in her article on how to maximise your campaigning impact: Go see your MP!

Our Secretary, industrial journalist Andy Pye, explains why business should get more involved in the campaign to Remain.

We have to find the language to talk about immigration. This article refers to research that shows that talking about how immigrants assimilate calms people’s fears while talk of diversity heightens them.

One of the central arguments we have to address is the legitimacy of calling for a referendum at all. This article addresses the statement that the 2016 referendum had been billed as one-shot.



We need to be clear about what should happen next. Obviously Brexit is not the answer, no matter what form it takes. This article looks at why a general election cannot resolve Brexit.

The Labour party’s decision to call a referendum in 1975 has clear implications for what Labour should do now. It is important that Jeremy Corbyn should draw the right lessons from 1975.



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