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Recall Parliament
19 Aug, 2019

Write to your MP

100 MPs have written to the Prime Minister urging him to recall Parliament. You can read the letter and check whether your MP has signed it here.
Nick Hopkinson, London4Europe Vice Chair, has just written to his MP to ask him to support a recall of Parliament and to reject No Deal Brexit. Below is a model derived from his letter which you can adapt and send to your MP if s/he has not already sought a recall.

Dear {name of MP},
I have just seen the letter from 100 MPs seeking a recall of Parliament and am disappointed that your name is not among the signatories.  Are you now in favour of allowing a No Deal Brexit?  If so, you are not representing your constituents, and stand for increasing unemployment and taxes.  The leaked Government studies concerning the poor preparations for a No Deal Brexit demonstrate the unnecessary inconvenience, and in some cases dangers.  
By advocating a No Deal Brexit, Boris Johnson is showing contempt for Parliament, democracy and the British way of life.  Brexit was supposed to be about Parliament taking back control, not ceding it to the Executive. 
We have friends and neighbours in this constituency who are seriously worried about their jobs, pensions and country.  The NHS and our social services are in crisis in part because Brexit is soaking up money to prepare for a No Deal Brexit which no one voted for. Furthermore, Brexit means we can't recruit doctors, nurses and other staff from abroad. Brexit threatens the fragile peace in Northern Ireland. Brexit has made us a global laughing stock.
I urge you to support a recall of Parliament and to stop a No Deal Brexit which you know full well will damage your constituents and our country.
Kind regards
{Your Name
Give your street address so that your MP knows that you are a constituent.}
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