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Professor Stephen Haseler 9/1/1942 – 20/7/2017
06 Aug, 2017

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the death of Professor Stephen Haseler, a most distinguished member of the Council of the Federal Trust.

A prominent advocate of remaining in the EU, Haseler had been greatly encouraged in past weeks by recent developments in the Brexit debate. He hoped and believed that opposition to British withdrawal from the European Union would be an occasion for the realignment of British politics which he had long advocated.

A detailed announcement is posted on the Federal Trust website.  Haseler also has an extensive entry on Wikipedia.

A memorial event will be held in the autumn to celebrate Haseler’s life, including contributions from the Federal Trust and other academic organizations with which Stephen was associated. Details will be posted when we have them.

In the meantime we extend our condolences to his wife Bay and family.