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Our London Region National Council Reps

The European Movement UK has two primary decision making bodies - the National Council and the Executive Committee (ExCo).

As a people-powered Movement, grassroots activists and members in each region of the UK vote and elect representatives to the National Council. The National Council are the policy and decision making body of the European Movement UK.

The National Council then elects a smaller National Executive that oversees the European Movement UK as an organisation and coordinates policy decisions made by the National Council. The National Executive is led by the Chair and Vice Chairs, which are both elected by members of the European Movement, and the Chair of the Branches Forum which is elected by the Chairs of our local branches.

Each region of the UK has a maximum of 10 Regional Representatives, elected November 2021. These are our 10 for London:

Four representing all our London Groups:
Barbara Callender (also an ExCo member)
Heather Glass
Nick Hopkinson
David Nickerson

Six representing all our London Members and Supporters

Paul Bowers
Nicola Claire
Amanda Jacobs
Lucy Marsden
Sanjay Ravindran
Samuel Willis

Should you wish to communicate direct with your National Representatives, please, contact [email protected] to start the conversation.

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