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March for Change: leaflets

Please advertise the march on 20 July 2019

** updated 30 June 2019 - now with stickers **


The Remain campaign - complementing the campaign for a referendum (People's Vote) - has started. That's great: we need two campaigns

Under the banner of March for Change, the Remain campaign will start with a great march on 20 July 2019.



You can help by distributing leaflets advertising the march.

Here is what the first leaflet looks like:




You can download it for printing on your home printer (it's fine in black and white) or take it to a local print shop. Choose your format: pdf, jpg (front), jpg (back).

Or you can order centrally printed leaflets from March for Change; here is a link.



Or you can use 70mm diameter stickers (please use them responsibly, so not on public property or other people's private property). They have been created by Devon for Europe and Britain for Europe. 

There is a guide for how to print stickers here. You may need Chrome as a browser (or a friend who uses Chrome...).

Please do not use the banner above for printing. Instead, download these png files:  sick and tired, Brexit stinks, No to Brexit, pissed off with Brexit

The firm recommended by March for Change is called Sticky Labels.


Get your chequebook out

It all costs money. The March for Change is entirely funded by committed supporters of the pro-European cause, just like you and me. Please help fund the March for Change, by donating to the crowdfunder here.