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Encouraging voter registration

Leaflets to print or order

Martin Housden of East London Network Against Brexit and Postcards2MPs have produced a leaflet to encourage young people and EU Citizens to register to vote in the forthcoming EU elections. The leaflet is politically neutral.  This means that the authorities will, in the main, facilitate distribution inside  the college - in libraries, refectories, and on noticeboards.

Martin invites you to download the artwork (front, back), customise it, and print your own leaflets.  

In order to comply with electoral law the leaflet needs to identify the promoter (you or your group) and the printer. If you are working jointly with the People's Vote campaign then the correct form of imprint is:

Promoted by <<Group name>> on behalf of the People’s Vote Campaign (Open Britain Ltd), Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP. Printed by <<Name of printer, Address of printer.>>

If you are not working jointly with the People's Vote campaign then you need to decide whether using this leaflet would mean that you were held to be working jointly. Note that the leaflet is not election campaign material since it does not promote a candidate or policy.

An informal group will be leafleting colleges and the cafes of the West End (and elsewhere). If you are a Facebook member, you can join the closed Facebook group: 

If you wish to have some of the printed leaflets to distribute locally please contact Martin Housden on:   [email protected]