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Chairman's Message - a Time for Reflection
17 Dec, 2019

A time for reflection is needed after Thursday’s General Election result and the implications that it has for Brexit. This personal view from Chair Richard Newcombe.

From the moment the decision was made to hold a referendum in 2016, members have been in campaign mode for over three and a half years, working tirelessly to try and keep the UK in the EU. It is right that members feel exhausted and deflated by the outcome, but like all great causes the pursuit of our goal will continue.

This blog by my Colleague and Volunteer Coordinator Jo Pye covers how to manage the healing process after what is - in essence - a bereavement.

Meanwhile, let us consider where we are and where we have been. The EM has been running for 70 years, well before we joined the EU.  We have strength and stability in our position not like our opponents.

We will continue to fight for the UK to be at the heart of Europe and seek that new strategic policies, formed by EM and other pro-Europe groups, will pursue this aim.

Many false claims were made in the pursuit of Brexit and we must ensure, in the coming months and years, when our relationship with Europe is re-aligned, that we point out the failings to fulfil these promises. We must publish the achievements of the EU and show that the UK is not reaping the rewards of those achievements. There will be a reduction in standards of worker protection and in safeguarding the environment and we need to inform the public of these failings.

Finally, remember the last time the Tories won by this margin was in 1987 and, in only two years, Margaret Thatcher was gone in the wake of the Poll Tax riots. The working class aspirations of what Brexit will achieve will not be fulfilled. All the opinion polls showed that a majority of the British people want to remain in Europe.

A battle is lost, but not the war!

Merry Christmas to all members.

Richard Newcombe
Chair of London4Europe

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