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31 Dec, 2017

The New European publishes a letter from Michael Romberg

In its edition 21 December 2017 - 3 January 2018, The New European published a letter from London4Europe Committee member Michael Romberg calling for a referendum on the terms to be held in late 2018 to be written into the statute book now. Although the House of Commons voted against the referendum amendment, the EU (Withdrawal) Bill will move to the House of Lords in the next few weeks so there is another chance there. Moreover, Ian Blackstone, the Scottish National Party's leader in the House of Commons has convened a summit of opposition parties to discuss Brexit on 8 January 2018; some good may come of that. 

Text of the letter:

l cannot share the euphoria about the defeat of the Government on the meaningful vote in late 2018.

MPs will not be able to send the Government back to negotiate some more because apart from details no change will be available; the chance for a radically different Brexit passed when Labour failed to support the Liberal Democrat amendment requiring the Government to keep us in the Single Market. 

Nor will MPs vote Brexit down - the 2016 result will still be too powerful. 

Nor will MPs set up a referendum (too close to the next election to incur the wrath of Leavers); and if they did we would lose (too short a time for a campaign to win hearts and minds). 

So we need the referendum on the terms to be put on the statute books now.