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Brexit World
24 Oct, 2018
Border controls: criminal gangs rub hands, as businesses express alarm
Britain will "pay the price" of a no-deal Brexit because complicated new border controls may not be ready in time,...
24 Oct, 2018
Getting China’s production fit for Industry 4.0
How a German company is readying Chinese industry for Industry 4.0, while the UK apparently has to leave the EU,...
Britain isn’t just losing Brexit, Europe Is winning it
24 Oct, 2018
Stephen Paduano (for notes that it is not just that UK manufacturing and...
The Plight of the Bumblebee
23 Oct, 2018
The recent decline in plant and crop pollination represents a threat to ecosystems and...
Billy Connolly: Scottish independence may follow "Brexit disaster"
22 Oct, 2018
Reports from Ireland reveal that Sir Billy Connolly has described the Brexit vote as...
Brexit fears force O2 to postpone £10bn flotation
22 Oct, 2018
Telecom giant O2 is reportedly holding off its £10bn stock market flotation until after...
Philips rethinks its UK manufacturing blueprint
22 Oct, 2018
The chief executive of Philips (PHG.AS) says he is worried about the lack of...
Is Brexit taking our food policy in the wrong direction?
22 Oct, 2018
Brendan Montague, writing for Open Democracy. argues that one of the key roles of...
EEF: industry calls for Budget boost to tackle Productivity gap
22 Oct, 2018
According to EEF’s research, foreign owned companies are twice as productive as domestic owned...
European Commission launches online tool to measure how well Europe and Asia are connected
21 Oct, 2018
19/10/2018: as a deliverable of the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit in Brussels, the...