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Local Branches

Here is our list of the London Branches of the European Movement. Most are active street campaigners, running leafleting and events in their Borough(s) or area. So if you wish to be more active – do please make contact with your local branch.

To look at the EM branches on a map, or to find EM branches outside London, please look at the map on the EM HQ website.

If there is no EM branch near you, then you could meet up with people from another EM branch. You could also set up a local branch (contact HQ for help).

There may be non-EM local Remain organisations near you. The UKPEN site has a list of local bodies and will soon have a map. There is also a map maintained by @BrexitLocal on Twitter. I Stop Brexit lets you find local organisations by entering a postcode.

If your and their politics align - or at least are not too far apart - you could check out the local Liberal Democrats or Greens who are likely to be campaigning against Brexit. 


List of European Movement local branches

Click on the link where there is one to reach to the EM branch's website or use the Twitter handle or e-mail address shown:


Chipping Barnet    Twitter: @chippBarnet4EU

City & East London       E-mail:

Croydon     Twitter: @Croydon4Europe     email:


Ealing       Twitter: @ealingeuropean    e-mail:

Enfield        Twitter: @EnfieldforEU

Greenwich & Bexley      Twitter: @GreenwichInEU     e-mail:     

FB group + page:

Hackney – contact London4Europe by e-mail and we will pass on your details

Hammersmith, Kensington, Chelsea & Fulham    Twitter: @emhkcf

Haringey      Twitter:   @Haringey4Europe

Harrow & Hillingdon      Twitter:  @Hillingdon4Euro

Islington     Twitter: @IslingtonIN        e-mail:


Lambeth      Twitter: @Lambeth4Europe     E-mail:

Lewisham East      Twitter: @Leweast4europe      e-mail:    

Facebook page:

Facebook members group:

South West London  (contact us if you wish us to pass on your contact details to them)

Streatham     Twitter: @euromoveSW16

Waltham Forest     Twitter: @wf4europe

Facebook: European Movement Waltham Forest

Wandsworth     Twitter: @wandsworthEM     e-mail:    



If you have any difficulties in contacting your nearest branch let us know by e-mail and we can pass your details on to them.