L4E Chair triumphs in #EUref debate at Royal Holloway University of London

Nick Hopkinson, chairman of London4Europe, participated in a debate on whether to Remain In or Leave the European Union (EU) at Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) on 16 March. The meeting, organised by The Atlantic European Movement (TEAM) and Department of Politics, RHUL attracted 65 students and guests.

Impartially chaired by TEAM director, Lawrence Smy, the debate was preceded by a neutral overview by Dr Nick Allen on referendums in the UK. One of his key conclusions was that national referendums take place more for political rather constitutional reasons. His presentation was followed by the case to Leave given by Sir John Mills of Vote Leave and Nick Hopkinson giving the case to Remain. Nick argued “the case to remain is clear: we are more prosperous, safer and stronger in Europe. A vote to leave is a leap into the dark. Leavers say they want their country back, but we want to take our country forward !”

After the 20 minutes presentations by each and 40 minutes of comments, questions and answers, 70% of participants voted to remain, 19% to leave and 11% were undecided.