Jean Monnet Lecture: EU Budget, Egham, 6 December 2016

£350 million per week: Does Europe need a budget?

Dr Giacomo Benedetto
Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Politics
Department of Politics and International Relations

Following the award of his Jean Monnet Chair by the EU, Dr Giacomo Benedetto will give a public lecture on the controversy of the EU’s budget.  The figure of £350 million per week for the EU’s budget was prominent in the recent referendum campaign on Britain’s membership of the EU. Given that £350 million is equivalent to just 1 per cent of Britain’s weekly economic turnover, Dr Benedetto explains the opposition to the EU’s budget, the rationale for the budget’s existence, and the changes necessary for it to respond more effectively to the crises and opportunities of the future.

The Jean Monnet programme is a EU initiative named in honour of one of the founders of European integration, who was also the first President of the European Coal and Steel Community’s High Authority. The programme co-finances academic Chairs, research centres, networks, projects and course modules with a teaching or research focus on aspects of the EU across the social sciences.

Admission free but booking is essential:

A reception will be held after the lecture.