Comment: The Battle for Europe – the opening salvos

So the battle lines are drawn, and the media, like jackdaws, are being drawn to the glittering newness of the Out campaign, with Boris as its most sparkly, er um, jewel.

Many of us, the True Remainers, feel isolated, and, though we know we are Right, and our side is the Right one, the  most sensible and indeed the essential side to be on, the tsunami of  the Out Coverage threatens to engulf us, and drown out our message. Any earlier complacency is being replaced by ripples of terror along our spines.

This blog is designed to give you your backbone back; to provide an arsenal of small arms to rebut the daily onslaught of the Out, a hand grenade to lob into the conversation in the post office queue at the post office, a bayonet to poke in the pub.

The Heavy Artillery of the 6 Ps on this website may lead our charge, but often it is the skirmishes,the small controlled explosions,the crafty little acts of attrition which grind down an enemy, thus determining the outcome of the conflict,( or the stay in, as we would like).

Number 1 “Even if we leave, trade with Europe will go on with barely a hiccup” argue the Outs.

Your weapon – Disdain (and human nature)

Look at what happened when David Cameron was in Brussels last weekend, negotiating our new relationship with the rest of the EU. Never mind the substance (which the Outers decried before during and after), but look instead at the reactions of the EU leaders and their attendant media. If ever we caught a glimpse of the gift to see ourselves as other see us, it was there.

“We are fighting desperately to stay in; what are you moaning about?” Greece

“Everything is falling apart at home” Germany

“We have enough problems of our own, and they are many times worse than yours” Just about everyone

“Pig prices are falling like a stone” Denmark

“Russia!” The Baltic States and Finland

“A waste of time” Everyone.

Overall emotion? Annoyance and disdain. Yes, some points were well made. Most of Europe is still not convinced by Ever Closer Union, and it was an aspiration anyway. Remitted benefits a mine field. But, with the migrant crisis, China not turning out to be the economic saviour of us all, Greek debt, terrorism and the spectral neighbour to the East, in the greater scheme of things there were more important issues to discuss at such a summit at such a time.

So, Brexit becomes a reality, we leave.  Trade as usual? Even with the best will (and agreements) in the world, trading with a country outside the EU is more difficult than one within it, so we will have a huge disadvantage before we even begin. Ditto trade with the rest of the world, used to dealing with Europe as a oner.

But more than that, human nature dictates that one does not respond well to the neighbour has declared that he no longer wants to be a part of  the Neighbourhood Watch, the street parties, the litter picks, the allotments society, the very  fabric of local life and community, and then, in the next breath, tries to sell you tickets for the Dogs Home raffle. You dont buy them; he rejected you so why help him now? He has earned your disdain.

Selma Scott