David Cameron reveals that he may campaign for Brexit if he does not get what he wants

In an exclusive interview with The Sun on Sunday, Cameron admits he has ‘a job to do’ to convince The Sun readers that Britain should stay in, and when he was asked if he could see himself leading the out campaign, he replied: ‘If we don’t get what I want, I’ve said I’ll rule nothing out. And by that I mean I’ll rule nothing out.’

The issues that he wants the EU to ‘fix it’ for Britain include restricting benefits for EU migrants, securing control over Britain’s borders and giving national parliaments more power in Brussels . Surprisingly Cameron said if he fails to win Britain a better deal, he would be prepared to head the out campaign in a referendum.

An unsolicited biography reveals Cameron has repeatedly said privately that he has no intention of leading Britain out of the EU, similarly in an interview on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, Cameron did not dismiss the benefits of the EU. He said: “There are things we get out of Europe, no doubt about it. We are a trading nation. We don’t just want access to Europe’s markets.”

While Cameron’s outburst about the possibility of him campaigning for Brexit raises eyebrows about his negotiation strategy, him highlighting the benefits of the EU membership makes one question about where actually Cameron stand on Britain’s EU membership. This is particularly important as the official ‘in’ and ‘out’ campaigns prepare for launching their campaign within next week; Cameron blurs the debate and steals the show.

by Gulay Icoz