We WERE the fifth largest economy

“We are the fifth largest economy” seems to be the mantra and the solution to any problems or difficulties, continuously repeated by May and the three Brexiteers during the Conservative Conference. But is it still true? In 2015 we were indeed in the fifth largest economy with nominal GDP US $ 2.848 trillions. On the […]

The Nightmare that came true

Michael Morpurgo summed up exactly how we, the Remainers, feel, in an interview with the Telegraph this month: “He says he actually wept when the referendum went Brexit’s way. “In the middle of my tears I thought to myself: do I belong to this country anymore?” He accuses the Tories of gambling with the stability […]

Bank’s Brexit Bundle

Listening to the co-founder of Economists for Brexit and former aide to Boris Johnson, Gerard Lyons on Channel 4 News on Thursday night I expected to hear the standard Leave line of a glorious economic future ahead now that we had ‘unshackled’ from the EU. However he was open about the fact that confidence, the […]

Brexit and the undermining of parliamentary democracy

During the campaign, proponents of Brexit loudly proclaimed that they sought to uphold Parliamentary sovereignty, but the votes of their supporters may have undermined it. Almost all Parliamentary leaders and a clear majority of MPs supported Remain, in a House of Commons that was elected less than 14 months ago. By calling a referendum with […]

Why the European Movement in the UK is more important than ever

Like many people throughout the country, the news that we had lost the referendum campaign, brought an almost physical pain akin to grief. If, as has often been suggested, there are 5 stages of dealing with grief beginning with denial and ending with acceptance, I have no intention of moving beyond step 2 – anger! […]