UK labour market and its attractiveness for EU skilled workers

The Government recognises the contribution of high skilled workers and professionals from EU, so it maintains that post-Brexit UK will continue to attract European talent as an important asset for the economy. If we assume that this is an honest goal, we should understand where that attractiveness lies from European professionals’ point of view. The […]

November 2018

Let’s be strategic and think forward to November 2018. MPs and peers have to ask themselves not only “what do the public want now?” but also “what will the public want then?” Where will Brexit be in November 2018? 20 months on from the Article 50 notification, we should assume that the key terms of […]

Lasting peace in Europe

“When Churchill looked at what was unfolding in Europe in the 1950s, he didn’t have any particular feeling of rancour, or regret, or exclusion. On the contrary, he looked at the developing plans for a common market with a paternal pride. It was his idea to bring these countries together, to bind them so indissolubly […]

How the British Empire save Europe

It is an abiding British myth that after the fall of France in June 1940 Britain ‘stood alone’ against Nazi tyranny. That is untrue and unfair. Of the pilots who fought off the Luftwaffe that summer, one tenth were from occupied Europe, notably Poland, and another tenth from the Commonwealth, with New Zealand in the […]