We Need Statesmanship

Britain has stumbled into negotiating its future relationship with Europe without a clear vision of the outcome that our people now want, still less a strategy for getting there. Neither the ruling Conservative party nor the opposition Labour party has been able to articulate a credible view of the UK’s future place in Europe, let […]

Why Leave? A Call to Leavers AND Remainers

Monica Threlfall, vice chairman, London4Europe, argues that Remainers must become more prominent in their belief that the UK should still refrain from leaving the EU, and the June elections has only made this more urgent. Britain can have a strong role to play in the EU, becoming prominent in ensuring greater well-being for all its […]

Letters to the Editor: The case for a second referendum

Since George Osborne became editor, the Evening Standard has become a must-read for its clear analysis of the harm of Brexit and its recognition that the Brexit likely to be on offer will bear little resemblance to any of the Brexits promised in 2016. Nonetheless, the Evening Standard does not take that analysis through to […]

National Chairman addresses London4Europe meeting

On 26 June 2017, European Movement National Chairman and former Cabinet Minister Stephen Dorrell, addressed a packed meeting of more than 120 convened by London4Europe, the London section of the European Movement. He spoke with urgency and commitment. Michael Romberg reports. The venue had previously been Conservative Central Office. It had been the base of […]

Business startups: London under threat from Paris and others

Paris is now equipped to attract more innovative companies and dominate Europe’s startup scene following the British vote to leave the European Union, French billionaire Xavier Niel has claimed. Industry correspondent and London4Europe committee member Andy Pye reports. It is always heartening for Remainers to read negative reactions to Brexit in the right wing popular […]