How the British Empire save Europe

It is an abiding British myth that after the fall of France in June 1940 Britain ‘stood alone’ against Nazi tyranny. That is untrue and unfair. Of the pilots who fought off the Luftwaffe that summer, one tenth were from occupied Europe, notably Poland, and another tenth from the Commonwealth, with New Zealand in the […]

EU Citizens and public service budgets

Even well-intentioned citizens should not call for a Migration Impact Fund for areas affected by immigration. EU Citizens Pay Their Own Way By Taxes That is the argument of a new report which points out that EU immigrants in total contribute more to the Exchequer by way of taxes than they take out in public […]

The only way for opposition parties to beat the Tories is to work together

Much has been written since Brexit about the need for a Progressive Alliance within British politics. This initiative has not materialised as opposition parties have failed to work together. Apart from Caroline Lucas of the Green Party, Labour moderates like Lisa Nandi, Chukka Umana and Dan Jarvis and Shirley Williams of the Liberal Democrats; no […]

A practical vision for Remainers

“World Peace”. Those are the opening words of the Schumann Declaration – the founding document of what is now the European Union. So that is what it is all about. Peace between member states. And peace in the face of external threat by offering political support to the NATO military alliance. The EU has helped […]

Letter to Telegraph 11/12/16

SIR – It is not true that the judges in the Supreme Court hearing were asked to “rule on whether the Brexit-backing voters or Remain-backing MPs should have greater authority” (Leading Article, December 4). The President of the Supreme Court in his opening remarks, stated that “wider political questions are not the subject of this […]