The EU Withdrawal Bill – no longer so “Great”

Theresa May used to call it the “Great Repeal Bill”. But since the election its nomenclature seems to have shrunk somewhat. That is also true of the Prime Minister, says Michael Romberg, London4Europe Committee Member, while offering some advice for Labour Remainers too. In principle, the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill published on Thursday is a […]

Capital gains tax and bendy bananas

Michael Romberg, London4Europe Committee member and retired senior civil servant, looks at bendy bananas and finds that life as really not simpler when regulations go away. When I worked in the Inland Revenue I was responsible for Capital Gains Tax. We launched a tax simplification project, working with private sector tax professionals. I proposed getting […]

Imagine No Brexit

At the 26 June event with our national chairman, London4Europe chairman, Nick Hopkinson, gave his adaptation of John Lennon’s Imagine: Imagine there’s no Brexit It’s easy if you try No Brexit shambles beneath us Above us only blue sky Imagine all the people Living to stay   Imagine there’s no UKIP It isn’t hard to […]

The rules of state

As I write this piece, negotiations between the UK and EU on the former’s proposed departure are two days into a 720 day cycle. So far, even in this short time span, we have seen the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) strongly argue for Single Market Access, […]