EU Referendum: Vote Leave, Lose Control?

“If we vote to remain, EU laws will overrule UK laws and the European Courts will be in control of our trade, our borders, and big decisions like whether prisoners are allowed to vote.” This was the stark warning thrust my direction by an eager Leave campaigner during my daily commute. I like to think […]

EU Referendum: London4Europe engaging with Sikh and Pakistani communities

In the run up to 23 June, London4Europe has been actively engaging with the different community groups throughout London on the key issues of the EU Referendum. Nick Hopkinson, Chairman, and committee members, Richard Newcombe and Sir John Ramsden have participated in events with both the Sikh and Pakistani communities, setting out the comprehensive and […]

EU Referendum: Politics of Hope

Everyone accuses the Remain campaign of fear tactics. However, the Leave campaign also engages in Project Fear, exaggerating the size of the EU superstate which costs only 1% of our tax and has as many employees (32,000) as Leeds Town Council. However, we are up against a dreadful alliance of the mad, the Little Englanders, […]