EU Referendum Blog: The Actual Ballot Paper

In May 2013, the Spectator’s Rory Sutherland wrote a very witty piece on the Hitler Guide to Rigging Elections. He included a copy of the now infamous 1938 Anschluss referendum ballot paper, which, as Dr Goebbels remarked, demonstrated “the most effective form of persuasion is when you are not aware you are being persuaded”. This […]

EU Referendum: We are all the Ever Closer Union

On 18 April 1951, in Paris, the Foreign Ministers of Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands expressed their common resolve, in words we are not reminded of often enough, “to substitute for historic rivalries a fusion of their essential interests; to establish, by creating an economic community, the foundation […]

Young Voters & the EU Referendum: What’s not working?

With less than two months until polling day it’s becoming increasingly clear that that the pro-EU, but politically disengaged, under-35 voters have the opportunity to play a key role in the upcoming referendum. Only half are currently planning on voting, 1 in stark contrast to the predominantly older Brexiters. Youngsters not participating in politics is […]

EU Referendum: Dispelling the myth of lack of democracy in the European Union (EU)

This blog looks at some of the myths being peddled by BREXIT supporters about how undemocratic the EU is, and how, according to Nigel Farage, EU laws make up 75% of all our laws. The House of Commons Library calculates that from 2009-2014, 6.8% of primary legislation (statutes) and 14.1% of secondary legislation (statutory instruments) […]