No Brexit Deal Can Beat EU Membership

On 5 September, in the House of Commons, the Minister for Brexit, David Davis, failed to define what Brexit means, other than Britain’s leaving the European Union. But maybe that is not surprising. For as the former Head of the Foreign Office, Sir Simon Fraser, told a packed gathering of the Association of European Journalists […]

The Nightmare that came true

Michael Morpurgo summed up exactly how we, the Remainers, feel, in an interview with the Telegraph this month: “He says he actually wept when the referendum went Brexit’s way. “In the middle of my tears I thought to myself: do I belong to this country anymore?” He accuses the Tories of gambling with the stability […]

Brexit and it implications for Citizenship Education across Europe

This blog will address how, through education, European countries (including the UK) and European institutions can address the issues of the rise of anti EU sentiment and support for anti-immigration policies that became prominent in the recent UK vote for Brexit. It will begin by looking at what we already know, how the current state […]

Bank’s Brexit Bundle

Listening to the co-founder of Economists for Brexit and former aide to Boris Johnson, Gerard Lyons on Channel 4 News on Thursday night I expected to hear the standard Leave line of a glorious economic future ahead now that we had ‘unshackled’ from the EU. However he was open about the fact that confidence, the […]

After the EU referendum: All is not lost

Many of us campaigned 24/7 for the UK to Remain in the European Union (EU). London4Europe members engaged in all forms of campaigning, notably giving some 150 talks, debates and media interviews throughout Greater London. We are proud to have articulated publically what we believe is best for our country. Although we are bitterly disappointed […]