“Great Repeal Bill” – The sovereignty of the executive

“GREAT REPEAL BILL” – THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE EXECUTIVE? In principle the Bill as described in the recent White Paper makes sense as a way of implementing Brexit: repeal the European Communities Act; turn the EU acquis into UK law except where Brexit makes it necessary to do something else. Make any policy-driven changes in […]

Brexit will be defeated by Brexit (but YOU need to help)

29 March 2017 will go down in history as the day the UK notified its intention to leave the European Union (EU). History may also record that a few decades later England, after years of economic stagnation and political isolation, re-joined an independent Scotland, Wales and a united Ireland in the Eurozone. Although Brexiters want […]

How clear will the ‘terms’ be?

  Some hold that the agreement that will be reached by November 2018 will not be capable of a decision in a referendum because the terms of Brexit will be too vague for the electorate to sensibly reach a decision This line of argument holds that the agreement will cover only the divorce bill, the […]

The EU – the transformative effect

In just three paragraphs of the recent House of Lords report on Brexit ( paragraphs 170, 171 and 172 ), in which successive  Irish Prime Ministers  gave witness to the transformation of their relations  with their UK counterparts  as a result of their common EU membership, their Lordships concluded that this joint membership had indeed  […]