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Write to your Borough councillor
10 Jul, 2018

To call for a People’s Vote on the terms of a Brexit Deal

London4Europe Committee Member Michael Romberg writes: this is the third in a series of three sets of letters that I suggest you write. The first was for if you had Labour councillors. The second was to Mayor Sadiq Khan asking him to come out for the people’s vote.

** This blog post was updated on 7 September 2018 to reflect that the London Assembly has passed a resolution calling on the Mayor to back a People's Vote. Updated 20 September for Mayor of London & LB Tower Hamlets **

In February 2018, so before the last Borough elections, Hero Borough of the Remain movement Hammersmith and Fulham Council called for the people to be given a vote on whether Brexit should go ahead or we should Remain in the EU. LB Ealing followed suit in April 2018. LB Tower Hamlets passed a motion in September 2018 after hearing a petition presented by EM City & East members. There may have been others. Hammersmith Labour believe that this resolution was a significant part of the reason why Labour did better in the Hammersmith & Fulham borough elections than in other areas.

On 6 September 2018 the London Assembly passed a resolution calling on the Mayor to back a People's Vote. Soon after, on 16 September 2018 in the Observer, Mayor Sadiq Khan came out for a public vote with the option to Remain

Now that the 3 May 2018 local government elections have voted in a new set of councillors I suggest that you write to your ward councillors irrespective of party (well, perhaps not if UKIP), to the leader of the Borough council/ Borough mayor, to the leaders of the Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat parties urging them also to pass a resolution calling for a people’s vote on the terms with the option to Remain. 

A draft letter is below. The more you can personalise it to reflect your own views and circumstances the better. If you know your councillor’s stance on Brexit or a People’s Vote on the terms you can tailor the letter to that. You may also wish to reflect whether your Borough voted Remain or Leave. If you live in Hammersmith & Fulham or Ealing I suggest that you refer to the earlier vote and call for it to be renewed after the election. 

You should be able to find your councillors by entering your postcode here. Otherwise you can find councillors and the leader/ mayor by googling your council’s name and “Councillors”.  

In addition, boroughs usually have a process under which petitions or questions from members of the public may be heard by the Council. You could consider bringing such a petition, especially if your councillors are keen to toe the national party line.







Dear Councillor

One of the key issues for voters in London is Brexit.

I ask therefore that you work with the other councillors to ensure that the Council passes a resolution calling on the Government and national politicians to arrange for a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit with the option to Remain.

You will be aware of the campaign for it launched by a cross-party group of MPs and supported by a range of bodies that call for the UK to maintain a close relationship with the EU. More information is at

You will also be aware that LB Hammersmith and Fulham in February 2018 passed a resolution that effect. LB Ealing followed suit in April 2018, LB Tower Hamlets in September 2018. The London Assembly passed a resolution on 6 September 2018 and Mayor Sadiq Khan came out for a public vote on Brexit in September. If all councils pass equivalent resolutions the effect will be much magnified.

The case for a people’s vote is simple. Everyone reviews their intentions in the light of new information. Since 2016 we have all learned a great deal, becoming unexpectedly expert on the Customs Union and the Single Market. We have seen the promises of Brexiters evaporate and the Government struggle to put together a plan.

Central to the case for a people’s vote is that in about November 2018 the Government will have to produce a plan agreed with the EU. That plan will cover Transition, the Withdrawal Agreement and – crucially – the Framework for Future Relations. We shall for the first time know what Brexit means.

The same people who in 2016 voted for Brexit-the-idea should be given the chance to decide whether they like Brexit-the-plan. That would be the next question in the series. And of course the option always exists not to go with the plan, to Remain in the EU.

Therefore there should be a referendum on the terms of Brexit with the option to Remain, giving the electorate the final say on Brexit, a people’s vote.

I ask that as my Councillor you work to ensure that the Council passes a resolution that calls on the Government and all national politicians to support a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit with the option to Remain giving the electorate the Final Say on whether to go ahead with Brexit or stay in the EU.

Yours sincerely



{Give your name and street address so that they know you live in the Borough/ Ward}




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